Being Prehistoric

at the Wilderness Centre, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, 28th - 30th July 2019


This two day family retreat at the fabulous Wilderness Centre will explore what it is to be human...and prehistoric. We shall journey to the depths of the Palaeolithic, a time including Neanderthals, ground breaking stone technology and amazing cave art.


We shall travel forward in time to discover hunters and gatherers, farmers and the age of metals. Through artefact study, practical experimentation, lots of creative thinking and our fireside philosophy, our retreat is desired to inspire, to learn and have plenty of fun. 

Weather permitting, we shall augment the prehistoric experience on the ground with a prehistoric experience of the sky, exploring the heavens and considering what the night sky meant to our ancestors. But we shall also have some telescopes on hand to peer back into time and observe galaxies, nebulae and the birth and death of stars under the dark Forest of Dean skies.


As part of the Festival of Archaeology, our theme is technology; technology of prehistory and more contemporary technology of 17th century optics. The learning elements are aimed at young people.

The cost of the retreat is £30.00 per person

Camping is available: £7.50 per night or £8.50 for use of a bell tent

The event will commence on the evening of the 28th July and finish at lunch time on the 30th.

For further information or to make a booking, please e mail:

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Anglo Saxon hut
Stone circle