Big History is an amazing project written by David Christian and strongly endorsed by Bill Gates. It is the history of absolutely everything, from the very origin of time itself in the Big Bang, right up to the present and the future. 

Combining  our experience in delivering units of the Middle Years Programme (MYP) within the International Baccalaureate and our quality badge from the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom, we have taken Big History outdoors.

During the summer we shall be running weekend residential retreats where we shall explore Big History through engagement and observation. Skies permitting, we shall observe the birth and death of stars, peer back in time as far as our telescopes will enable us (our current record is 12 million years, but we are confident we will easily beat this!). Our telescopes are not quite big enough to peer back to the beginning of time - Big Bang, but we have a crafty experiment to enable us to listen to it!


Moving to more modern times and humanity, we shall be exploring our ancestors through artefact engagement, experiencing real artefacts crafted 400,000 years ago up to Romans and beyond, all set within fantastic outdoor environments. 

Within our landscapes we explore some abstract concepts such as the archaeology of fire, of river flow, of darkness and of course, the earth.  This is perfect food for thought (together with hot chocolate and marshmallows) during our fireside philosophy - learning around the campfire.   

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