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A very happy new year to our home ed visitors. At the moment (January 2021) our activities remain on hold, but we do have some great ideas and plans both in Bristol and Gloucester once we are all allowed back. Do keep an eye on the website or sign up to our blog for updates. Our plan at the moment is to recommence outdoor history in the spring.

Following the success of our History for Home Educators over the winter and summer of 2019, we are delighted to have put together two more series, one of which will be in Bristol. Our history is experiential and immersive. We use archaeology, artefacts, imagery and activities to bring history alive and to inspire children to be inquisitive about our past. 


One week we may be examining a 500,000 year old axe, another learning about Shakespeare through the medium of an Elizabethan sixpence. We might be recreating palaeolithic rock art (very messy) or mesolithic footprints (also very messy). We overlie our sessions with quite abstract themes that may be as applicable today as they were in antiquity - this is not necessarily history of specific events. Whilst our themes may appear rather random, they are brought together by ideas, creative thinking and other disciplines - science, literature, art and geography frequently link our topics.

Our students tend to be aged between 9 and 13 although our sessions are suitable for younger and older children as well as we do not follow an age related curriculum. Parents and carers are most welcome to remain on site, participate, or relax with a cup of coffee.


In Bristol our classroom is fabulous landscape of the Blaise Castle Estate. For the first 2020 series we shall be exploring "Big History" on an expedition that will take us from the very origins of the Universe, across 13 billion years ending up with a glimpse into the future. We intend to augment the daytime learning with a couple of evening astronomy sessions where we can peer back in time a few million years and enjoy an on-hands experience of the cosmos.

Bristol dates and themes for 2020

12th February - The Universe and elements

26th February - Earth and the Solar System

11th March - Life, from the smallest of organisms to dinosaurs

25th March - Hominids, different species of mankind?

8th April - Humans, a journey into the Palaeolithic

22nd April - The future

Exploring the cosmos from Bristol


In Gloucester we are exploring history through the eyes of the "eclipsed", the historical characters who have been overshadowed by contemporaries and often relegated to historical bit parts and maybe don't tend to get the recognition they deserve. But as always, our history will meander through time and space in no particular direction.

Gloucester dates and themes for 2020

22nd January - Niccoló and Maffeo Polo and adventures in Xanadu

5th February - Charles Green, astronomer to Captain Cook

19th February - John Stafford, landsman on the Polyphemus at Trafalgar

4th March - Christopher Marlow, if it hadn't been for a certain William Shakespeare!

18th March - Billy Stephens and escapes from Colditz

1st April - Michael Costa - Paganini and the 19th Century 



Our themes are very fluid and can change at short notice, or even during the session, depending on the direction our discussions and activities take.

The cost is £12.50 per child per session. Sessions may be booked in blocks of three or six. In Gloucester the sessions will run from 10.00 to 11.30, in Bristol from 11.00 to 12.30. Afternoon sessions may also be available. Please ask if this is of interest.

To make a booking or for further information, please contact us

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