We are looking forward to commencing our programme for Bristol home educators at the Blaise Estate in September. Our sessions will, as far as is viable, take place outdoors.

We do not use text books or learn dates by rote, but explore history through discussion and debate, artefact study and other primary sources, through practical experiment and experience. We encourage creativity; drawing, photography and stories, creating imagery and narratives that we weave around the historic landscape and artefacts.  Imagination and storytelling are often overlooked yet, in our view, are key elements of history. These are the aspects that we focus on in our sessions to deliver an immersive and inspiring approach to our subject.

Our Autumn programme will explore deep prehistory up to the Norman conquest in the Bristol area, in the spirit of our "Local History, Global Context" theme and will take place on the following dates:


September 18th 2019

October 2nd 2019

October 16th 2019

October 30th 2019

November 13th 2019

November 27th 2019

The cost will be £12.50 per student per session. The session will run from approximately 11.00 to 12.30

Please contact us for further information or to book a place.

A selection of our classrooms at the Blaise Estate: