Discovering History and Gloucestershire International School on 29th May 2019

Join us for an afternoon of “Big History” at Gloucestershire International School. Following a theme of discovery we are going to discover the Universe, a journey that will take us from the beginning of everything - the Big Bang, through to the formation of stars, galaxies and our very own solar system. 


Learning through the biographies of artefacts such as fossils, meteorites and prehistoric technology we shall explore deep history in an interactive, engaging and most importantly, fun environment designed to inspire our young historians (and maybe cosmologists and geologists) of the future.


Weather permitting, the sessions will take place mostly outdoors in the beautiful grounds of the historic Wotton House in Gloucester. 


If you have ever wondered where everything came from, and maybe where it is all going - this is an afternoon for you.

This is part of a broader discovery week at this fabulous little school which includes plenty of amazing workshops for arts, maths, sciences and sports.  Do contact us for more information.