A visit to the countryside is a quintessential English family activity, but one perhaps that has become overtaken by the business of modern day lifestyle.  Our children now have a seemingly limitless variety of interests to pursue at weekends and evenings. But how about, from time to time, taking a step back, have a picnic in an Iron Age hill fort or Bronze Age stone circle and take time to stop, breath and partake of some sandwiches and ginger beer!

In the UK we are blessed with numerous fantastic places off the beaten track to spend a day or afternoon away from it all, gift shops and ice cream vans included (although there is nothing wrong with a 99!). There is no reason why you should need the Travelling History Company to assist with a short escape to the country, we are simply happy to provide a little inspiration. However, we have found that, particularly for children demonstrating an interest in the history they are learning at school,  our outings to a relevant site can add significant substance to their understanding of a site or historical period reinforced with practical activites and, mostly, having some fun. This works particularly well where we have been running after school club activities in the classroom or on the school fields and our students want to have a look at the subject matter we explore "live".


In the winter months, our astronomy trips provide access to fantastic telescopes and great view of planets, galaxies and other celestial phonemena. We can also bring telescopes to your house and provide an evening of observation from your own back garden.

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