Gloucester Heritage Open Day - 14th September 2019 

Join us for a journey into the past at Wotton House.  This grade II listed building dates from the early 18th century as a home for Thomas Horton and has been used in a variety of  institutional purposes including, a nursing home, missionary college, and presently an international school. We will have a small display illustrating the history of our building as researched by our current students.


We shall also have some practical activities designed to inspire young visitors to explore the past. This year we shall go back in time, to the very origins of Planet Earth. From there we shall chart the journey of our building (had it been there) and Gloucester (had it been there) from somewhere near the South Pole, over the eons to its current location. This is thus a historical and geological approach to deep, deep history through the biographies of fossils, ancient tools and lots of imagination. 

To book a place, or for further information, please contact: or 01452 764248 or 07871 128430