For our second year we shall be running our Little Abington Skycamp, two days of deep history, archaeology and astronomy.

This year we go back to very origins of history, time and indeed, the Universe itself - the Big Bang. 

As we move through time, not necessarily in chronological order, topics will include the formation of the solar system, evolution of life, big climate change. We shall explore the world of dinosaurs and other extinct species as we head into really modern history and humans!

During the day we shall be occupied by recreating prehistory and practical on hands activities, for example making some Neolithic pottery from our own source of clay, perhaps some gathering or creation of Palaeolithic art. We will contemplate scale using very long tape measures and quite long walks through the landscape. 


In the evenings we shall contemplate "big" questions at our Fireside Philosophy sessions, usually accompanied with marshmallows or chocolate bananas roasted on the fire. 


Weather permitting, we will also do some practical astronomy, peering back in time at the creation of stars and galaxies. We shall learn about how the stars have influenced humans since time immemorial and encounter some amazing astronomical facts along the way.  


Camping: £12.00 adults/£6.00 children per night

Course: £30.00 per person



31st May to 2nd June 2019

Abington Woods

Little Abington


CB21 6BQ

For further information or to book a place, please contact us