Britain has an astonishingly rich, tangible and very accessible history that attracts millions of visitors each year from every corner of the globe.  Flagship sites such as the Tower of London or Stonehenge are must see attractions for every visitor. 


The Travelling History Company explores the less well trodden historic landscape. One in which there are no turnstyles, no entry fees, no gift shops and indeed, aside from the occasional dog walker, rarely any people. We take you to places where there is space to relax, to breath and to contemplate English history in the magnificence of the English landscape.  For those living in the UK, we present an unusual opportunity to appreciate the countryside on our doorstep from a new (or indeed very old) perspective.


Importantly, we take you to places where children (and grown-ups) can engage  with the site. We don't want to just look at a monument and move on, we encourage interaction and real hands on experience, to observe, to draw, to touch and explore. We use "site narrative" to help bring a monument or landscape to life, using artefacts that are contemporary with the monument with other sources, perhaps an excavation report or diary that gives some insight on what the landscape meant to past societies - a history of history!  

We have run walking trips, cycling routes, accompanied outings for individuals or exploration for family groups, even for corporate executives and their clients.


Above all, our goal is for individuals and families to enjoy a day out in the English historic landscape, whilst soaking up sun and absorbing history in an enchanting and captivating way. Here are just a few examples of landscapes in which we have run events.

Travelling History Company Itineraries

The Marlborough Downs

Travelling History Company Itineraries
Travelling History Company Itineraries

The Cotswolds

Travelling History Company Itineraries
Travelling History Company itineraries
The Vale of the White Horse
Travelling History Company Itineraries

South Wales

Moorlands - Dartmoor and



The Mendips

"Tell me and I will forget, teach me and I might remember, involve me and I will learn."

Benjamin Franklyn

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