History for Home Educators 

Following the success of our History for Home Educators over the winter and summer of 2019, we are delighted to have put together two more series, one of which will be in Bristol. Our history is experiential and immersive. We use archaeology, artefacts, imagery and activities to bring history alive and to inspire children to be inquisitive about our past.


One week we may be examining a 200,000 year old axe, another learning about Shakespeare through the medium of an Elizabethan sixpence. We might be recreating palaeolithic rock art (very messy) or mesolithic footprints (also very messy). We overlie our sessions with quite abstract themes that may be as applicable today as they were in antiquity - this is not necessarily history of specific events. Whilst our themes may appear rather random, they are brought together by ideas, creative thinking and other disciplines - science, literature, art and geography frequently link our topics.

Our students tend to be aged between 9 and 13 although our sessions are suitable for younger and older children as well as we do not follow an aged related curriculum. Parents and carers are most welcome to remain on site, participate, or relax with a cup of coffee.





























To book a place, or for further information, please contact:

js@thetravellinghistorycompany.com or 07871 128430

For a brief summary of the sessions so far, please click here

Home ED History Outreach

We continue to work with small home education groups and will travel to deliver regular or one off history, archaeology or astronomy sessions. 



In Bristol our classroom will be the fabulous landscape of the Blaise Castle Estate within which our explorations will takes us from the very deepest of prehistory right up to the Norman conquest. Whether trying on some Bronze Age jewellery or examining Iron Age coins, our Bristol series brings an outdoor archaeological approach to local history.


In Gloucester we shall be exploring history through the eyes of the Periodic Table, in celebration of the 150th anniversary of this iconic image. Curious about the connection between Iridium and dinosaurs, or Molybdenum and the Second World War? Join us at our  beautiful Wotton House venue for a series of innovative and inspiring hands on history sessions.


Bristol dates and themes

September 18th - Hunters and Gatherers on the Downs

October 2nd - Farmers on the Blaise Estate

October 16th - The Age of Metals

October 30th -  Romans in the West Country

November 13th -  Beowulf and Blaise

November 27th -  Conquest


Gloucester dates and themes

September 25th - Cobalt: the Swedish Empire and supernovae

October 9th - Hydrogen: the beginning of everything

October 23rd - Iridium and Rhenium: possibly not the dinosaurs' best friend

November 6th - Cerium: streetlights and Mahlar

November 20th - Iron and Europium: aeroliths and not a mention of Brexit, we promise!

December 11th - Molybdenumgate: A World War 2 controversy



Our themes are very fluid and can change at short notice, or even during the session, depending on the direction our discussions and activities take.