We participate in flexi-schooling in conjunction with International Village Education whereby home education students pop into one of our settings for some multi-sensory immersive history. These sessions follow elements of the MYP curriculum exploring a broad view of history and also link into other disciplines, for example drama, literature, science and geography.

We do not use text books or learn dates by rote, but explore history through discussion and debate, artefact study and other primary sources, through practical experiment and experience. There are no essays, tests or homework. We encourage creativity; drawing, photography and stories, creating imagery and narratives that we weave around the historic landscape and artefacts.  Imagination and storytelling are often overlooked yet, in our view, key elements of history. These are the aspects that we focus on in our sessions to deliver an immersive and inspiring approach to our subject.

In Gloucester our sessions take place at the historic Wotton House and sometimes for a slightly more remote experience, the Wilderness Centre on the edge of the Forest of Dean. We have just completed our second series with some fantastic abstract themes over the summer term. Our third series starts on September 25th 2019 where we shall be exploring history through the lens of the Periodic Table, celebrating its 150th birthday this year. If you are curious about, for example, the connection between Iridium and dinosaurs, or Molybdenum and World War 2, this is the course for you.


Dates as follows:

September 25th 2019

October 9th 2019

October 23rd 2019

November 6th 2019

November 20th 2019

December 11th 2019

The sessions are £12.50 per student and run between 12.00 and 1.30.


To book a place, please contact us