The Marlborough Downs are an iconic prehistoric landscape, a World Heritage Site and home to the astonishing Avebury complex including stone circles, coves, avenues and barrows. The Downs are bisected by the Ridgeway, one of the most ancient routeways in the country, thought to be some 5000 years old.


Avebury village is a popular and busy spot with a small museum and excellent facilities. A short walk will take you to the open countryside and some excellent Neolithic sites, such as the mercurial Windmill Hill, or the magnificent standing stones of Adam and Eve.


There are few better ways to immerse oneself in British prehistory than a walk along a section, of the Ridgeway and the rich prehistoric landscape it traverses, all of which is reassuringly remote from the hustle and bustle of 21st century roads and towns. 

There is so much choice at Avebury but a typical itinerary would be to meet at The Sanctuary/Overton Down and stroll down West Kennett Avenue to experience the route taken by our ancestors thousands of years ago. Avebury is an unusual site for us to visit given its touristic popularity, but nevertheless it is very impressive and we encourage guests to visit local shops and of course, the pub, said to be one of the most haunted in England. 

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