Primary schools


In primary schools we usually deliver after school or lunch time history clubs. Our weekly sessions will take the students through a broad variety of historical periods, often determined by the students themselves.

There is often practical activity, we have created Palaeolithic rock art, mesolithic foot prints, lego monuments - it can sometimes be quite messy!

Over the summer terms 2019 we have a new concept to deliver - our Big Big History. This is the history of everything, from a time when there was no time 13.8 billion years ago, the formation of stars and planets, to dinosaurs, human evolution (other theories are available!) to medieval and beyond. We adopt very much a multidisciplinary approach, along our historical journey we shall encounter science, literature, language, maybe even some maths. 

Our material is based on the International Baccalaureate Big History Project that we have adapted and condensed into a very cool primary level series. 


Each session has plenty of visuals, we use archaeological artefacts and lots of creative thinking, inquiry and discussion to come away with a thoughtful and reflective view on the Universe and our place within in.


We are keen advocates of outdoor learning and much of our activity takes place in the playground or playing field. The scope is broad and we can include topics to augment the subjects children are learning in school.

Please contact us for further information.