We work in a number of primary and secondary schools, delivering regular lectures and workshops, or one off events. We also run after school, lunchtime and even breakfast  archaeology and astronomy clubs, usually under the guise of "Time Detectives" and "Space Detectives". We provide fun sessions where children explore and discover history and astronomy through archaeology (and archaeoastronomy), artefact handling, convivial discussion and plenty of imagery. We make a particular effort to explore local history.

Outdoor activities may include time lines, stone circle reconstructions, archaeological digs, and experimental archaeology. In the classroom we discuss our past illustrated with slides and authentic artefacts that the children can handle.This is all written up in a permanent record of the historical journey for parents and teachers. The journey will run from the Lower Palaeolithic right up to the Industrial Revolution and beyond.


We also hold one off talks in schools in support of the school curriculum, so we may come in for a prehistory afternoon. Our "Moon Days" are awesome. We deliver interactive lunar astronomy which sometimes involves real moon rock brought back from the Apollo missions in the 1970's. There is usually no charge for these events.

In the winter months we also run astronomy clubs with a focus on the history of astronomy. We replicate the experiments and discoveries of pioneers such as Galileo, Thomas Harriot and the Herschels and explore the scientific and social consequences of these discoveries. This involves historic records and images but also cutting edge NASA imagery and practical observing sessions in the school grounds. 

All our school activities are co-ordinated by the school and we operate within school policies and guidelines. Typical costs for after school clubs are £5.00 per week per child. We are of course DBS checked. Click here for our schools flyer. 

What the parents say:

"My two children, aged 8 and 5 years old, have attended The Travelling History After School Club Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 sessions at their school. We knew it would be educational but what we hadn't anticipated was how much fun they would have.  They have been making Palaeolithic rock art, making Mesolithic footprints in the playground, making Lego burial mounds and even going on a field trip to a local archaeological site! The children have loved every minute. As parents we receive a weekly newsletter showing us pictures and telling us about everything they have learned, which means we learn lots too. They even have a bit of historical chemistry, physics and astronomy thrown into the mix. When asked at the end of a school day what they have been up to, my children usually say "stuff". Conversely I can't stop them talking about history club - and I can validate their claims with John's fab newsletter. I would highly recommend this after school club to any parents considering signing up. I wish I was young enough to go myself!"

Stephanie, Westbury-on-Trym School Mum

"George is really enjoying the course and is a constant source of information at the moment!" 

"Kate is really enjoying history club, especially all the practical, messy stuff. It's such a great way to bring the history alive" 

"Harry thoroughly enjoyed himself and he was full of facts when he got home"