The Moon at Brentry Primary School

This week we enjoyed one of our most exciting events to date, the opportunity to see some real lunar rock – brought back to Earth from the Apollo Missions of the late 1960’s and early 70’s.

Mrs Moore at Brentry Primary School had organised loan of the samples through the Science and Technology Council in London and we are able to examine these with the year 2 students, accompanied with a talk all about the Moon.

We managed to squeeze in over 4 billion years of history from the “big splat” though prehistory (naturally) Classical and Renaissance scholars, lingering awhile with a short video on the Apollo 11 mission. We finished up some amazing images from the and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project and some thought about the future for moon exploration, and all this into 40 minutes.

In true Monet class fashion, the children were polite, attentive, responsive and very enthusiastic.

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