The Travelling History Company in the City of London

Last week we attended a breakfast seminar on Brexit which presented a great opportunity to get some early insight from leading professionals on the impact of Brexit thus far. Most, probably all, those in the audience had interests in China.

In a marvellous introduction from Xu Xin, Minister Councillor at the Economic & Commercial Counsellor’s Office at the Chinese Embassy in London, we were reassured that attitudes towards UK trade continues to be very positive and we remain in the “Golden Era” of Sino British trade relations.

For those of us in the tourism industry, the weak pound is encouraging increasing numbers of travellers to the UK and record numbers are expected in the summer season of 2016.

Those speaking on behalf of the legal and banking sectors agreed that a post Brexit Britain will continue to offer world beating financial services and play a leading role in the global economy.

We particularly enjoyed David Fletcher’s (from Farrer & Co) map of Europe in 1700, illustrating the continual political change throughout Europe over the years.

One interesting and recurring point made was the importance that Britain has a clear USP and that this is promoted in a consistent way. USP’s for the legal and financial professions will undoubtedly emerge with EU and trade negotiations. For us at the Travelling History Company, there is no doubt over our USP - the magnificent British historic landscape.

We would like to thanks the Chopsticks Club for organising this fascinating and informative seminar.

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