Digging Up Human Stories at M Shed

A fantastic symposium at M Shed this week supporting the current Skeletons: Our Buried Bones exhibition, which is well worth a visit. We heard some fascinating research from Dr Nivean Speith about Roman decapitation which seems not, at that time, to have necessarily been bad thing! Dr Rebecca Redfern gave us a run down on the sheer depth of social and medical information that skeletons can reveal to us. Highlights included the "Green Goddess" excavated from below the Royal Mint and rather eerily resembled the 1994 film character "The Mask". And of course, the Bronze Age Tormarton skeleton was present, usually residing in Bristol Museum, this provides a great opportunity to diagnose the cause of death.

We enjoyed a history of the Bristol Museum by Gail Boyle and the fascinating detective work involved in sorting out the provenance of long forgotten exhibits. Finally Graham Mullen left us on tenterhooks about a Neolithic presence in Leigh Woods. Unfortunately we missed the final talks, but this really was a superbly presented and deeply informative event. It has also given us lots of great new information and ideas for our forthcoming series of after school history clubs in local primary schools and our increasingly popular "Prehistory for Professionals" programme.

Do pay a visit to the skeleton exhibition at M shed, it runs until 3rd September.

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