Prehistoric Stargazing

It has been a fantastic summer for astronomy, plenty of warm, clear nights to gaze upwards and contemplate our place in the Universe. We are really hoping this will continue for the rest of the month as we have two palaeoastronomy camps organised. These are two and three day retreats where we combine prehistory, archaeology and astronomy activities designed to inspire, to educate and most importantly, to be a lot of fun. The first is our Prehistoric Skycamp at Abington Woods, Great Abington in Cambridgeshire, on 21st to 23rd August.

Over the bank holiday weekend, 24th to 27th August we are teaming up with Change in Nature at their Deep Family Time - digital detoxification in a hidden Dartmoor valley.

Whilst our focus will be on prehistory, we shall also have some telescopes available to enjoy (clouds permitting) amazing views of stars, planets and fantastic deep sky objects, whilst the context of our observations will remain largely historical.

For further details please feel free to contact us directly here at The Travelling History Company, or the organisers through their web pages.

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