Welcome to Spring

We are a little behind on our blogs but as we welcome in the Spring, we have a lot of news and activities lined up for the rest of the year.

Big History is a theme we have borrowed from the International Baccalaureate - a history of everything from Big Bang (as illustrated above - courtesy of H Swann, 10 years) onwards. We have taken the concept outdoors and are building our weekend retreats around this theme. This is going to be amazing, we have one weekend event already in the diary and several in the pipeline, including participation in an astrophysics summer school. Further details here.

Our History for Home Educators project is up and running and proving very popular in Gloucester. As we draw to the close of our first series, plans for Season 2 are well under way. We are keen to bring this to Bristol and are presently exploring options for a platform from which it can be delivered.

One of our resolutions for 2019 was to get our hands dirty and we now have three excavation projects in the diary. In May we go to Guernsey to provide outreach (and digging) on what we expect to be a Bronze Age cemetery. In June we have a student led project to explore an Iron Age landscape on the edge of the Forest of Dean. We are also looking forward to participating in a Mesolithic excavation on Exmoor in July.

And equally exciting, we have just commenced a project to create an astronomy centre, again on the edge of the Forest of Dean. The focus of this will be visual and historical astronomy with an ultimate objective of constructing an observatory for the use of schools, community groups and the public. This is part of a school business studies project, which at the moment seems to be focussing largely on what goodies will be sold from the Cosmic Cafe! We are planning to have activities running for the summer holidays.

We have made quite a few updates to The Travelling History website, do visit us for a catch up, keep in touch and follow us on social media and in person through what is shaping up to be a very exciting 2019.

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