History for Home Educators

We have been to Happisburgh this week. This sleepy Norfolk coastal village is home to some amazing archaeology, including footprints dating back over 800,000 years. "Deep history" was a bit of a theme last term during series 1 of our History for Home Educators programme. It was very well received and we are now busy planning series 2 which will kick off on May 1st, back in Gloucester. This term we shall be exploring some slightly less tangible history, for example the archaeology of fire, of colour, and darkness. We hope to introduce additional field trips and to incorporate themes of sustainability and ecology into our sessions.

Dates and provisional details are now posted on our website. We have booked a larger room and will be able to fit more people in!

Footprints at Happisburgh

These footprints are maybe not quite 800,000 years old, but they are at Happisburgh - an important theme last term.

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