Big History at Little Abington

This month we return to Cambridgeshire for what has become an annual historical and astronomical skycamp. We have some amazing material for this year as we head back to the very origins of both the Universe and the Earth.

We shall encounter the very earliest life, albeit in a rather fossilised form and meet some trilobites, an awesome species that thrived for almost 300 million years.

On the astronomy front, early summer is a great time for hunting down galaxies and under the dark skies of Abington we should be able to have a good look at a galaxy called M87 in which the pioneering photograph of a black hole was recently published. You if have not read about this, have a look here, its amazing.

Visit our website or contact us for more details of a weekend of ancient life, black holes, cosmic and human history, engaging activities and most of all, fun.

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