A Long Summer of History, Archaeology and Astronomy

Once you dig yourself in to hole!

We have had a great spring here at The Travelling History Company. A highlight was definitely a week of excavation on a sunshine soaked Guernsey with the Clifton Antiquarian Club. We had the pleasure of delivering an outreach programme to local schools with students coming up to the site, and delivering a talk at the amazing Elizabeth College.

It was also a great opportunity to catch up with old friends from the London days (the 1980s) and the Gibraltar days (the 1990s).

We dug some big holes, the findings will be published in due course by La Société Guernesiaise. We met some fantastic people on site and couldn't help but note that Guernsey has some very dark skies. We are obviously now inspired to run some Travelling History activities on the Island.

And on the subject of dark skies, our History for Home Educators continues in Gloucester this term. We have been exploring the archaeology of the less tangible, this week we discover the archaeology of the night. We hope to be able to unleash some exciting news for home educators in Bristol shortly.

Last weekend we ran a Skycamp at Little Abington, exploring the origins of the Universe and the Solar System. The long days enabled us to fit in lots of activities and the short nights were clear and warm, perfect for late night astronomy. We are planning another Skycamp at this great location in Cambridgeshire in the autumn.

With the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 looming the Moon is now featuring quite a lot in our activities. It will be the theme of our contribution to the next Discovery Day at Gloucestershire International School scheduled for 8th July.

In May we had the pleasure of visiting the Hay Festival. What an amazing event, aside from plenty of browsing and book purchasing we attended the official launch of the Black Mountains College. We are looking forward to participating in their Summer School in August.

At the end of July we have a Skycamp planned at the Wilderness Centre in the Forest of Dean. The theme for this event will be "Being Prehistoric".

We also have some excavation to do on Exmoor in mid June and are involved in an Arts Council project in Gloucester in August, the theme of which will be Palaeolithic art.

For the third year running we shall be at Bristol's Brilliant Archaeology at the Blaise Estate on 3rd August. This is a great day out with all sorts of historical and archaeological activity for children.

Towards the end of August we shall be at Change in Nature's Wild Family Time on Dartmoor. Digital detoxification in the middle of nowhere - fantastic.

We have invested a little for our activities this summer. We have a lovely new dew shield for our wonderful Celestron C8 telescope.

We used this telescope for astronomy outreach in Spain some 30 years ago and are still doing so today. The 21st century amateur astronomer has amazing equipment at their disposal, telescopes that align themselves, databases that bring tens of thousands of objects into view at the touch of a button, and incredible astrophotography equipment. But we love our old and completely manual C8. It encourages a knowledge of the night sky and the skills of star hopping and visual observation. It also means we don't have to worry about batteries, wires to trip over and a plethora of other technical things to go wrong. It is what we like to call sustainable astronomy!

We also have a brand new time machine. Over the years our trusty tape measures have served well, but they to tend to present a rather linear impression of time. Our new machine gives us a lot more flexibility and creativity in terms of the direction in which we travel through time!

And we also now have a small piece of the Moon.

We are really looking forward to a very busy summer of delivering engaging, immersive, hands on history, archaeology and astronomy to schools, home educators and community groups. Check our diary for a rather more coherent list of events we are involved with.

And finally, and on behalf of the Guernsey Tourism people, we highly recommend a holiday on Guernsey:

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