Summer History for Home Educators

We have been receiving a lot of likes recently from Home Educators so we thought we would outline some of the activities we have coming up that may be of interest.

Next week in Bristol we are running some taster sessions at our very big classroom - the Blaise Estate. This is pure outdoor learning, exploring the historic and prehistoric landscape, artefacts and most importantly, using our new time machine.

At the end of the month we have a retreat at the Wilderness Centre (pictured above) in the Forest of Dean. This is all about History and Astronomy and is our contribution to the Festival of Archaeology.

We have some field trips planned on 1st and 22nd August. We have no idea where to at the moment, but they are likely to be somewhere in the Cotswolds and probably one near Stroud and one near Cirencester.

Not strictly the summer, indeed the winter, but in October we shall be launching our Centre for Observational Astronomy, again at the Wilderness. We shall be running a series of six Friday evening sessions over the winter months with a focus on practical and historical astronomy. Dates are on our website.

For more details visit our Home Education pages or contact us directly. Or come for a chat at Bristol's Brilliant Archaeology at Blaise on August 3rd.

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