Welcoming in the autumn

It has been an amazing and very busy summer at the Travelling History Company. We have enjoyed practical archaeology in the Forest of Dean, Exmoor and Guernsey. We have run some brilliant field trips, including the above tree, in the vicinity of which Edmund Ironside may (or may not) have fought Cnut “hólm-ganga” style in 1016.

We made our annual pilgrimage to deepest Oxfordshire to celebrate the Battle of Cropredy Bridge of 1664, which strangely always seems to coincide with an amazing music festival in the surrounding fields! We spent the hottest day of the year wandering around the Wiltshire countryside looking for chambered tombs and have been to Dartmoor to explore the fantastic dark skies and to get away from the internet and technology for a while.

Autumn is always an exciting time for us, the new academic year brings with it many fresh ideas and new and unusual angles from which to explore our history. In addition to our school teaching we have two very exciting history programmes for Home Educators.

In Gloucester we celebrate the 150th anniversary of Dmitri Mendeleev's iconic periodic table with a journey encountering some probably quite obscure histories through the eyes of the elements.

In Bristol we are running our "local history, global context" theme exploring local history at our fabulous outdoor classroom - the Blaise Castle Estate.

We have some "Discovery Days" coming up in Gloucester where we are going to try some spectroscopy experiments, a hands-on combination of science, history and art.

And once the clocks go back we kick off a brand new school and community project; The Wilderness Centre for Observational Astronomy. The emphasis of this, as the name suggests, is visual astronomy, learning traditional techniques of observing and recording the night sky and discarding electronic and photographic equipment. Just our eyes, the night sky and a beautiful and completely manual telescope in a fabulous and very ancient setting.

We are also working on some history retreats at our old favourite sites such as Abington Woods in Cambridgeshire and also some new venues, including one very exciting project in the Wye Valley.

For more information on our year ahead, do explore our website, or feel free to send us an enquiry, but most importantly, we wish you an awesome and inspirational autumn.

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