Holiday History 2021


We are pleased now to have some dates for holiday histories over August. 


Wotton House, Gloucester 


A fantastic early 18th century house with amazing grounds in the heart of Gloucester.


10th August 2021 - Exploring history through pottery


With a selection of pottery, in various states of repair (or perhaps more realistically,

disrepair!), this session will explore prehistory through to the 18th century.

Expect some Neolithic and Bronze Age burial practice, Romans, and Medieval

history in this session.


17th August 2021  - Exploring history through trees


Wotton House has a rich arboreal heritage with many impressive trees that we use as historical waypoints. Explore Anglo Saxons and Vikings through Yew, or Eugh as described by the great John Evelyn, explore the 18th century via Lebanese Cedar, and maybe some more Romans. Hedgerows may put in an appearance!

Blaise Estate, Bristol

The Blaise Estate is one of our favourite classrooms as it has such a diverse historic and prehistoric landscape. 


5th August 2021 - Eugh Trees and Dinosaurs


Our journey will take us back to the Triassic with a story of Thecodontosaurus and Deltadromeus. We shall

then head into relatively modern times, including the Norman Conquest and the

Verangian Guard.


Bishops Knoll, Stoke Bishop, Bristol


A landscape treat, hidden away between the Portway and Stoke Bishop,

Bishops Knoll is a new addition to our historic outside classrooms. 


12th August 2021 - Great Oaks and Hedgerows 

Bishops Knoll has a rich World War 1 history and this will be one of our topics,

but we shall also be using the amazing selection of ancient trees and a few 

old maps to plot a course through much earlier times.

Kingsweston and Penpole Wood, Bristol

A landscape largely forged in the 18th century, Kingsweston provides fascinating insight

into the great trading days of Bristol. 


19th August 2021 - From Prehistory to WW2

Kingsweston presents a great opportunity to delve into the Bronze and Iron Ages with visible

archaeology on the ground.  It also has an important World War 2 legacy and we shall be

looking for some wartime 20th century archaeology. We shall also be exploring surprising

connections with Bristol Bridge and a fellow by the name of Thomas Chatterton.


Our history is designed to be engaging, surprising, inspiring and fun. We use authentic artefacts, sometimes texts and old maps through which we explore the historic landscape. There will often be practical activities - measuring, drawing or making things. The themes tend to ebb and flow with the engagement of the students, we frequently drift off topic! There will usually be a bit of walking involved. 

The sessions will start at 10.30 and run until around 12.00. The cost is £15.00 per student, additional siblings £5.00. No charge for parents/carers or very young siblings. We do ask that every student is accompanied by a responsible parent/carer. The group size tends to be between 6 and 10 students. To book onto one of these events, or to arrange a bespoke activity, please contact us.