"I think what you do is brilliant!"

Steve Brown

43rd Scouts Bristol

"Sophie was on cloud 9 after yesterday's session doing cave painting-I have never seen her happier doing an after school club before"

Georgina Bishop

Westbury on Trym

John came out to the Cyprus countryside to introduce my son and I to the night sky. It was awesome, we learnt to identify some constellations, and then, through a six inch reflecting telescope we had a great view of Jupiter and its moons. We saw some galaxies in Leo and something called a planetary nebula. We also learnt about and saw some double stars with beautiful contrasting colours.

This was great fun and Mike had a lot to talk to his teacher about the following day.

Kiki Eleftheriadou

Nicosia, Cyprus

'As part of our science week at  Brentry Primary School,  our Year 2 and 5 classes were lucky enough to take part in an interactive, engaging, educational afternoon delivered by John from the Travelling History Company.  The children had great fun taking part in his exciting, astronomy activity.  They were delighted to bring astronomy 'to life' by making a scale model of the solar system within our school grounds; this helped to give them a greater understanding of how the solar system looks.  John was very well organised and came equipped with lots of resources to help engage the children with the topic and they particularly enjoyed using a magnifying glass to spot Mercury!    His friendly, approachable, enthuastic manner ensured that every child had a fantastic afternoon of fun learning!'


Mrs Moore

Brentry Primary School, Bristol

"We have been on a number of John’s history trips, they are always fun, educational and engaging. Best of all, we get off the beaten track to relax in the sunshine whilst John keeps the children busy with all sorts of amazing experiments and projects. The write ups that John produces afterwards are great and are always hugely appreciated. We have also given the write ups to our children to take into school and share.


The children’s teachers are always impressed to read the activities of students in real landscapes and to encourage sharing historical tour experiences with the class. For children (and adults) with an interest in the past, spending a day out with the Travelling History Company is a fantastic way to learn a little about English history, culture, myths and legends while enjoying the countryside and fresh air.


John is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about sharing his knowledge of the past, whilst also being hugely accommodating to families (having two small children of his own probably helps). I highly recommend the Travelling History Company."


Steph Pritchett

Bristol, United Kingdom

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