Visitors from Guangzhou examining Roman coins

The Travelling History Company was conceived with the concept of cultural and educational tourism. The growth in independent travel and the increasing popularity of "unique experiences" led us to put together itineraries for those travellers who want a competely bespoke day or afternoon out in the British landscape forged around specific interests. The Travelling History Company sits apart from many other tour companies in that we focus on very small family groups and specialise in gearing the trip to children.

Our original focus was on China because we love the idea of comparing the very rich Chinese prehistoric archaeological and written record with that of Britain. We thus try to place British prehistory into the context of corresponding Chinese dynastic history. 

China aside, we welcome visitors to the UK either staying in the countryside, or spending a few days in the country where we provide an exclusive tour of local sites designed to educate and inspire the young and old alike. Our excursions range from two day walking and cycling adventures through the prehistoric landscape to a few hours tour of a prehistoric site.