Big Big History at Westbury Church of England Academy.

We have been delivering history and astronomy at Westbury Church of England Academy since 2016. This summer we shall be combining the two in our Big Big History programme. This is the history of absolutely everything, from the beginning of time itself, some 13.8 billion years ago, to modern times and maybe a glimpse into the future. The subject matter is so broad that we can explore topics that children are learning about in school, or head off in whatever direction the children want and explore some really big ideas; did the Universe really start 13.8 billion years ago, what happens to the 600 million tonnes of hydrogen that the Sun is "burning" every second? Things like this!  Our after school club is all about debate, discussion, critical thinking, inspiration and having fun.

We do not use textbooks, instead we have artefacts, things that were there at the time and have a story to tell.  This may be a meteorite, a dinosaur footprint or perhaps a half million year old stone tool. Neolithic pottery and medieval jewellery frequently make an appearance. The story may well require some imagination and creative thinking all of which is hugely encouraged. 

We are keen advocates of outdoor learning and our club will often be spotted on the school field re-enacting a historic event, or conducting an experiment. From time to time we arrange local field trips or hold our club offsite.

Our Club will run on Mondays. The cost is £6.50 per session. For further information or to book a place, please contact us directly.